What Type of Football is This?

All Mens Flag Football


Is this an all Men’s league?



Is this co-ed?

No This is 100% all mens flag football


How many players are on the field?

This is 8 on 8.


How long is the field?

The playing field is 80 yards long. It is broken down in 3 sections, two 25yard sections and a 30 yard section.


How do you get first downs?

First downs are yardage based. The 1st first down marker is at 25 yards, the 2nd is 30 yards away, the goal line is then 25 yards away.


Can you rush the QB?

Yes you are allowed to blitz once per set of first downs, you can also rush the QB after the 5 second count.


Is there any contact allowed?

You can bump and run on the line of scrimmage


Can you block?

There is no blocking allowed


Do you have refs?

We have AT MINIMUM  2 paid referees per game.


How many games are in a season?

Each team is guaranteed 8 regular season games


What about weather?

We play in majority of conditions